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(Telephonic or 'in person' service available.)

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1 ---- Medicare Products (Medicare Parts C and D)

Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug (NO premium to LOW premium plans)

--- CAP your per year COSTS for:

covered medical expenses (MUST cover all that MEDICARE A & B cover)

covered prescriptions

Medicare Supplement

--- Fill in gaps in Medicare Coverage

Prescription Plans - plans to cover prescriptions only

2 ---- Final Expense / Burial Insurance (Guaranteed or Simplified issue)

- ages 0 - 89 may be put in for coverage

- once policy is issued, coverage is for LIFE. (i.e., never expires).

- permanent (i.e., lifetime) coverage to cover burial costs, etc..

- GUARANTEED ISSUE products for persons with SEVERE health conditions

[AIDS, Cancer, etc.] available -

NO HEALTH QUESTIONS on application!

Ages 50 - 85!

- SIMPLIFIED / EASY ISSUE products for people of MODERATE to VERY GOOD

health available also

- these include health questions on the application, and have lower rates

than the policies referred to above.

Ages 0 - 89

- NO EXAM required for ANY final expense / burial coverage.

- COST never goes UP, and BENEFIT never goes DOWN.

(In certain cases, benefit actually increases.)

- FAST approval / issue of policy (can be minutes, when done

electronically; or, 5 - 10 days otherwise).

3 ---- 'General' Life Insurance - Simplified and fully underwritten

- term, universal, and whole life.

- persons 0 - 80 years old may apply.

- family coverage available.

- coverage may or may not require exam;

exams free, if needed.

4 ---- Mortgage Protection

- term and universal life coverage

[to protect mortgages in event of death].

- personal disability to protect income if sick or


- coverage may or may not require exam;

exams are fREE to you, if needed.

Note: If you wish, you may APPLY ONLINE for both TERM Life (i.e., temporary life coverage) and WHOLE LIFE (permanent coverage):

Go to link below - (copy / paste link into browser):

Term life: Ages 18 - 69 may apply.

Whole life: Ages 18 - 85 may apply. 

For ALL life coverage described in topic sections 2 - 4 above, i.e. -

Final Expense

'General' Life Insurance

Mortgage Protection;

you can ALWAYS contact me at page 3, as well.

The ONLINE enrollment links above are just for your convenience.

(Further, I have products NOT at those links that allow still higher

ages to apply for coverage.

Whole life: up to and including age 89 may apply

Term life: up to and including age 75 may apply

Universal life: up to and including age 85 may apply

So, if you are older than the ages specified under the links, just

      call me!)

5 ---- Dental / Vision coverage


- Dental:

Two dental exams and cleanings per benefit year
Up to $2,000 Maximum Benefit annually
The Ameritas ​Dental ​Network, one of the largest in the nation
(Please see website above.)

- Vision:
No waiting periods for immediate coverage
VSP or EyeMed networks for the greatest savings
(Please see website above.)

6 ---- Payroll Deduction insurance products for your company

  - NO COST to employer.

- life / disability / critical illness


- employees participate voluntarily, through

                     payroll deduction.

7 --- Personal Disability Coverage

     - receive monthly income if you cannot work due

to illness or injury.              

 Life / Health Companies Represented

Medicare Products (Individual):

Multiple Companies

Life Products (Individual):

Mutual of Omaha (d/b/a United of Omaha in NJ).

AETNA (via subsidiary ASCENDO Life),

AIG (i.e., American General Life),

Ethos Life,

Assurity Life,

Gerber Life,

Columbian Life,

Liberty Bankers Life, 

United Home Life,


Americo, and 

Prosperity Life.

Group PAYROLL DEDUCTION insurance:

UNUM, and

Assurity Worksite.       

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